Top 10 Physical Therapy Clinics in Oklahoma City, OK

Some Patient Comments:
S.G. says:

"Gary is a great therapist! He truly cares about his patients and wants them to feel better. He's not only a good listener, but he's knowledgeable and experienced as a therapist; I trust him. The bottom line: He has improved my life!! Thank you Gary!"

S.R. says:

"Gary is a very personable, efficient and always performs his physical therapy treatment in a timely fashion. He and his staff are concerned, caring and very knowledgeable."

E.O. says:

"Due to chronic knee problems, I have worked with a number of physical therapists over the years. I recently had knee replacement surgery and began working with Gary Handley, PT. Without any hesitation at all, I can say he is by far the best physical therapist I have ever had. Gary is extremely knowledgeable about the way the body heals and works. He understands when pushing movement is appropriate and when pushing may impede recovery. Gary is always gentle, always supportive and understanding, and has consistently gotten positive results with the therapies he has used to restore movement to my knees, both in the exercises he has me do and in his hands-on manipulation. He is encouraging, but always honest about progress and where you need to go. Gary sincerely cares about each individual person under his care and their recovery, which tends to inspire you to work hard to gain results. In short, I highly recommend Gary as a superior physical therapist. He will get you results if you are motivated to work with him."

L.W. says:

"I have recommended Gary to several friends who needed a physical therapist. He has treated me for a shoulder problem, a back problem and a hip problem over the past ten years. Thanks to his treatments, I have been able to resume my aerobics class and return to playing golf without any pain and I am 82 years old."

B.W. says:

"Gary, Thanks for working with me after my knee replacement surgery. You were always right there to keep encouraging me when I wanted to quit. The flexibility of your scheduling was really helpful and your treatment plan was very successful."

S.B. says:

"I was recently referred by my doctor to Northwest Physical Therapy and Gary Handley, PT for physical therapy treatment on my back and neck and left shoulder. My doctor said, 'Gary is the best physical therapist in the business.' She was right! Gary took the time to explain my treatment process and made sure I understood what he was doing and how it would impact my treatment. The staff at NWPT are always friendly and courteous. I enjoy going in for treatment."

R.S. says:

"I had never done physical therapy before and was surprised to see the therapist himself performing much of the therapy. Gary is a friendly fellow who always finds the time to address your questions one-on-one. Furthermore, you can see he isn't watching his watch nor tapping his foot in those one-on-ones. The clinic is clean and friendly and I have referred friends here."

L.J. says:

"I was referred to Northwest Physical Therapy by my doctor. She was very pleased with this practice in the past. My problem was properly evaluated by Gary Handley, PT, as to what therapy I would need. The office was very professional and always prompt (there was no waiting time). The therapy along with detailed instructions for exercises to be performed at home has greatly improved the problem I was experiencing."

K.M. says:

"After physical therapy with Gary Handley, PT, I regained mobility in my neck and relief from my headaches and shoulder pain."

L.D. says:

"Northwest Physical Therapy is a wonderful experience in itself! The staff always treats you like family. I have always experienced personal, professional care from beginning to present. Don Landis, PT CLT-LANA has maintained my problems from the beginning. Although there is no cure, he has trained me with the most knowledge and cared for me so that I can have the best, fulfilled life possible."

D.Z and C.Z. say:

"When watching and listening to Gary talk with his staff and colleagues, it is apparent he is a very knowledgeable professional. On the personal side, we appreciate that he explains conditions and treatments in terms we can understand. He has been remarkable in selecting, explaining and supervising the treatments he has given us. Gary is also attuned to his patients as individuals. On any given day, he took notice of our energy level, mood, willingness or hesitancy to apply ourselves and then worked with us accordingly. He never let us slack, but motivated and encouraged us. Gary has treated me after two knee replacement surgeries and also treated my husband after partial shoulder replacement surgery. We both firmly believe that his treatment was crucial to our successful recoveries. Gary is a Christian in both his personal and professional life and is above reproach in his ethics."